ProGap 2.0 - 物料填充料位的监测

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ProGap 2.0 -


  • 简易的安装方式
  • 可靠的填充高度和限位报警
  • 可以在非金属料仓外进行监测
  • 配置适配器可适应220 °C 20 bar
  • 配置陶瓷适配器可以最高适应1000 °C
  • 对物料的堆积不敏感
  • 测量范围可达25米(更大范围可定制)
  • 紧凑的设计,无分立元器件
  • 信号通过继电器输出
  • 可以提供分体式

ProGap S 应用于防爆环境.


Use / Function

The ProGap microwave barrier is a universal sensor with a flexible range of applications, consisting of a transmitter and receiver on the basis of the latest microwave technology. It is used to detect the limit level of dry bulk solids of all types or to position objects.
The microwave barrier is a contactless measuring procedure.
It can be installed in containers, pipelines, shafts or free-fall sections. The range, depending on the model, is either 0 ... 4 m or 0 ... 18 m. Larger ranges can also be realised. If container walls, housings or pipelines are not metal, it is possible to measure from the outside. This even makes it possible to completely uncouple the measurement from the process through suitable windows made of non-metallic materials. This is especially interesting in the use of aggressive, abrasive or coarse materials or in cases of extreme pressures and temperatures. The ProGap can also be used under difficult conditions such as high operating temperatures and pressures with the help of a process-adapter. The use of microwaves also ensures a high level of insensitivity to any caking on the sensor window.

Mounting and Installation

The transmitter and receiver are installed by screwing into a  G 1 ½" threaded connection.
The device can be installed at any installation height.
It is important that the transmitter and receiver have the same installation height. The adjustment takes place with the help of a counter-threaded connection.
A display of the signal intensity facilitates the adjustment. The connection to the power supply takes place on the transmitter and the receiver.
The switch output is made available on the receiver. No additional analysis unit is necessary.

Technical Data

Sensor Material Housing: Stainless steel 1.4571
Sensor-isolation: POM
  Protection system IP 65; DustEx (optional)
  Working temperature - 20 ... + 80 °C
- 20 ... + 220 °C (with process-adapter)
Max. 1000 °C (with ceramic-flange)
  Ambient temperature - 20 ... + 60 °C
  Working pressure Max. 1 bar
Max. 20 bar (with process-adapter)
  Detection range 0.1 ... 25 m
  Power supply 24 V DC (-10/+15 %)
24 V AC (-10/+15 %)
  Power consumption Approx. 1.8 VA
  Current consumption Max. 100 mA
  Relay output (max.)
- voltage
- current
- capacity

120 V AC/DC
1.25 A
150 VA, 50 W
  Response time 0.25 s ... 5 s (continuously adjustable)
  Measuring frequency K-BAND 24.125 GHz (± 100 MHz)
  Transmitting power Max. 5 mW
  Weight Transmitter: 1.1 kg
Receiver: 1.1 kg

Application examples

Click on a desired application example to navigate to a detailed description.

Fill level monitoring

Limit level monitoring of beer foam
in a brewery

Level detection of derived fuels
in a waste chute

Fill level monitoring of chemicals
from the outside through the pipe

Limit level monitoring of wood chips

Limit level monitoring of gypsum rock

Limit level monitoring of paper fibers