FlowJam - 物料流动探测

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FlowJam -


  • 对视窗表面物料的堆积完全不敏感
  • 可应用于任意管径的管道上
  • 配置适配器可适应220 °C 20 bar
  • 配置陶瓷适配器可以最高适应1000 °C
  • 紧凑型(无分体设备)
  • 继电器输出
  • 灵敏度可调
  • 可以在非金属管道外进行监测
  • 可提供分体式
  • 监测物料的堵塞和静止状态


FlowJam S 应用于防爆环境

Use / Function

The FlowJam detects solid flows of all types for material movement.
A differentiation is made between the following switching states:

- Material flow

- Material clogging / standstill or empty pipe  

The system operates with no contact, using microwaves in a process in which the material movement is detected by using the Doppler effect.

The FlowJam is an especially process-secure device, since the microwave can penetrate material coating on the sensor and reliably detect the material movement behind it. If container walls, housings or pipelines are not metal, it is possible to measure from the outside.

The FlowJam can also be used under difficult conditions such as high operating temperatures and pressures with the help of a process adapter.

Mounting and Installation

The FlowJam can be easily installed in the following ways:

  • Figure 1: Screwing into a G 1½"-inch-threaded connection
  • Figure 2: Using a DN 40 flange
  • Figure 3: Using a pipe clamp or other holding brackets 

Technical Data

Sensor Housing material Stainless steel 1.4571
  Protection system IP 65
  Process temperature - 20 ... + 80 °C
- 20 ... + 220 °C (with process-adapter)
Max. 1000 °C (with ceramic-flange)
  Ambient temperature - 20 ... + 60 °C
  Working pressure max. 1 bar / max. 20 bar (with process-adapter)
  Power supply 18 ... 24 V DC / AC
  Relay output max. Voltage 250 V AC
Current 1 A AC
Capacity 60 W
  Response time 1 ... 15 s (continuously adjustable)
  Measuring frequency 24,125 GHz; ± 100 MHz
  Transmitting power max. 5 mW
  Weight 1.0 kg
  Dimensions Housing: length of 216 mm / diameter of 52 mm
Thread: length of 30 mm / diameter of G 1 ½ Zoll

Application examples

Click on a desired application example to navigate to a detailed description.

Material flow detection

Material: Cement
Installation: Air conveyor

Material: Animal feed
Installation: Measurement in free fall

Material: Derived fuels
Installation: Pneumatic rising pipe

Material: Coal
Installation: Monitoring of blast furnace lances

Material: abrasive metal balls
Installation: Pneumatic conveying 

Material: Dust from sugar beet chips
Installation: Free fall in DN 300 pipe

Material: Raw meal
Installation: Ceramic flange (up to 700 °C)