FlowJam Plus - 物料流动状态的监测

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FlowJam Plus -

FlowJam Plus 是对已经在市场上成功得到大批量应用的FlowJam在技术上的升级

  • 快速的监测物料流动状态(是/否)
  • 增加的功能:指示流动停止或堵塞
  • 应用非接触微波技术
  • 成千上万的成功测量各种不同的物料,成功证明了技术的成熟
  • 可以在非金属管道外进行监测
  • 能够应用在较为困难的环境下,例如较高的操作温度,操作压力或者是防爆环境(通过增加过程适配器)


The FlowJam Plus sends microwaves into the pipeline in which the material flows. This may be a freefall pipeline or a pneumatic transport system.
The microwave signals are reflected by the moving solid particles. A shift in the Doppler frequency between the emitted and received signals means that the material is moving, in other words "Flow". If this Doppler shift does not take place, there is no material movement and the sensor indicates "NoFlow".
If this state occurs, the FlowJam Plus can detect on the basis of clear characteristic values from the reflection signal whether a blockage has formed from below or the material supply has been interrupted from above. This switching condition is output by a second relay.

Application examples

•    Transfer point

Chips of wood are transported by two screw conveyors in a biomass plant.
At the transfer point between the screw conveyors, the FlowJam Plus monitors the flow of material.
In the case of a material flow interruption, it is now possible to detect quickly whether there is a problem because the lower screw no longer removes any material or the feed screw no longer supplies material.




•    Material infeed to a rotary feeder

In a lime plant, lime is conveyed into the inlet of a rotary feeder via a vertical downpipe.  At this point, it should be ensured that there is always a sufficient material flow. When the material column reaches the sensor position in the fall line, the FlowJam Plus signals exactly this state.  With this information, the material feed can be controlled better.

Mounting and Installation

The FlowJam Plus sensor is installed on the line
using a G 1½-inch threaded port.








A complete measuring point consists of the following components:

•     FlowJamPlus sensor
•     DIN rail connector




Technical Data

Sensor Housing material Stainless steel 1.4571
  Protection type IP 65
  Process temperature - 20 ... + 80 °C
- 20 ... + 220 °C (with process adapter)
up to 1000 °C (with ceramic flange)
  Ambient temperature - 20 ... + 60 °C
  Operating pressure max. 1 bar / Max. 20 bar (with process adapter)
  Power supply 18 ... 24 V DC / AC
  Operating frequency 24.125 GHz; ± 100 MHz
  Transmission power max. 5 mW
  Weight 1,0 kg
  Dimensions Housing: Length 216 mm / Diameter 52 mm
Thread: Length 30 mm / Diameter G 1 ½"
Transmitter (DIN rail) Power supply 18 ... 24 V DC
  2 x relay output
- Voltage
- Current
- Consumption

Max. 250 V AC
Max. 1 A
Max. 60 W
  Communication USB
  Response Time 1 ... 15 s (infinitely variable)
  Weight Approx. 172 g