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In line with its development strategy and desire to unite its technologies, production sites & sales subsidiaries, the group has created the global commercial brand envea™. It hopes to provide a clearer vision on its solutions of the measurement, acquisition & processing of environmental data and services.
Faithful to the principles on which it was founded – innovation & quality, ethics & social responsibility, shared values & transparency – the group is committed to providing you with solutions and assistance at the highest standards in order to comply with applicable regulations; as well as the optimization of industrial processes for an improved efficiency, significant savings of raw materials & energy, the reduction of environmental impact.

Our worldwide references guarantee a perfect understanding of your needs and ability to manage a vast range of applications:

  • More than 35 000 air quality monitors are measuring the pollution of cities worldwide:  
    Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Barcelona, Seoul, Mecca, Delhi, Moscow, Paris, Budapest, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Dakar, Beijing, Chongqing…
  • Over 25 000 processes & emission sources are monitored worldwide across a broad range of industries such as: chemical, minerals, power, incineration, food and pharma or wood industry.