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Suitable measuring instruments for the food industry

Hygiene is the most important in the food industry!

In addition to compliance with certain hygiene regulations or food safety, the increase in production as well as the cost reduction are key factors of the food industry.
ENVEA - SWR is your partner for process-optimized measurement of solids and competent support in your industry! Absolute hygiene is crucial.


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Application examples

Limit level monitoring of beer foam in a brewery
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Spice dosing in the manufacture of potato chips
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Continuous volume measurement in free fall for the filling of salts
read more
Mass flow measurement of potato starch in free fall prefeeding chain conveyors
read more
Mass flow measurement of salt in free fall pre feeding chain conveyor
read more
Emergency shutdown with AirSafe
read more
Material flow monitoring of sugar beet pulp
read more
Material flow monitoring of foodstuff
read more
Velocity measurement of grains in free fall
read more
Moisture measurement of potato powder
read more
Online moisture measurement of maize meal
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Flow metering of baking powder after a screw conveyor
read more
Flow metering of grains
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Measuring the actual consumption of wheat
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Filter damage monitoring in clean gas channel
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Typical materials that we measure in food industry:

  • Coffee
  • Milk powder
  • Sugar
  • Animal food
  • Cereals
  • Pectin
  • Grain
  • Tobacco
  • Flour
  • Pet food
  • Starch