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Suitable measuring instruments for the steel industry

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The carbon dust required for the production of steel can be continuously measured directly in the conveyor lance by specially developed measuring systems of ENVEA - SWR.
With this technique thermal imbalances in blast furnace can be avoided, and it can be directly reacted to production stops.

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Application examples

Online moisture measurement of coal underneath a conveyor screw
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Material flow monitoring of combustible fuels
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Material flow monitoring of coal
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  • Steel
  • Galvanizing
  • Foundry
  • Aluminium recycling
  • Aluminium smelting
  • Copper recycling
  • Copper smelting
  • Ferrous foundry
  • Lead recycling
  • Lead smelting
  • Nickel smelting
  • Precious smelting
  • Zinc recycling
  • Zinc smelting