QAL 991 - measurement and monitoring of dust emissions

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QAL 991 -
measurement and monitoring
of dust emissions

Electrodynamic, continuous measurement and monitoring
of dust emissions according to QAL1

  • certified according to QAL1 with regard to standards EN 14181
    and EN 13284-2 as well as EN 15267-3, additional TÜV approved
    according to 13., 17., 27. and 30. BImSchV (latest version)
  • automatic zero-, span- and contamination-check to fulfill QAL3-requirement
  • "PCME ProController“ for up to 32 sensors, alternative “PCME Interface Module” for 1 sensor
  • reduction of material-, downtime- and maintenance costs
  • flue-gas temperatures up to 250 °C (optional 500 °C, 400 °C for Ex-version)
  • digital inputs and outputs
  • external connections: USB 2.0 (type A), ethernet (RJ45/100 Mb/s)

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With the suitability to standards EN 14181, EN 13284 and EN 15267-3, as well as the TÜV certification according to 13., 17., 27. and 30. BImSchV, the system QAL 991 can be used without exception in all existing applications in which dust emissions have to be measured.
Due to the technology (electrodynamic) the QAL 991 is, in contrast to optical systems, less sensitive to contamination and can also be used in problematic applications.
With our equipment selection you can configure the sensor precisely for your application.
(Please refer to technical data for possible equipment)


QAL 991 uses the electrodynamic measurement principle. If the dust to be measured is constant, then the generated measuring signal is proportional to the dust concentration, even if there are dust deposits on the measuring probe. Experience shows that the measuring method provides very exact results with little required maintenance.

A complete measuring system consists of these components:

  • Welded casing to serve as a sensor receptacle
  • QAL 991-sensor

Technical data

Sensor Ambient Air Temperature -25 ... +55 °C
  Stack Gas Temperature 250 °C standard
  Stack Connection Hole pattern to suit DN 80 PN 10/PN 16 or Ansi
  Enclosure Rating IP 65
  Power Requirements 24 V DC
  Cable Entries 3 x M20
  Air purge connection Optional air purge fitting with external supply of 5-10 litres/min
Transmitter Outputs 4 x 4 ... 20 mA (500 Ω)
a1x RS 485 (ModBus RTU)
4 x relais (2 A @ 250 V)
  Inputs Plant stop signal
Cleaning andmultiple calibration
  Emission data logs Capacity stated for 4 sensors with QAL3
3 months @ 15 min
7 days @ 1 minute
2 hours @ 1 second
  Enclosure size 263 x 160 x 91 mm
  Power supply 90 ... 260 VAC, 1 A

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