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New Features: AirSafe 2 - Ambient air monitoring

Monitored and regulated dust measurement in ambient air

Monitoring of dust concentration in control system areas, silo areas, boiler houses or work stations.

  • The creation of dust explosion zones can be prevented
  • Possible dust escape from system parts is quickly detected
  • Can be used as early detection for dust which could endanger the workplace


New in this version:

AirSafe 2 features a new mechanical and electronic design that significantly simplifies sensor cleaning and maintenance.

Fan, exhaust grid and electronic enclosure can be easily removed for cleaning and replacement.

The second important feature is the complete monitoring of the fan. This will ensure that the fan is working and that it is generating the right flow velocity.

Significant improvement in sensor reliability allows use in safety-related applications.

The fan monitoring is especially important for a possible monitoring of the hazardous area or for process safety.


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