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Increasing product efficiency, reducing costs or environmental protection are important parameters for your process?

Our objective is to make your plant even more competitive and to optimize your production proccesses with our sensors.
We offer solutions for a wide range of industries. With these experiences we also find the right solution for your application.

With our application newsletter we want to inform about interesting applications and talk about projects we already realised together with our customers.


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Contactless material flow detection on conveyor belts

Detect material movement

Industrial efficiency is achieved after a chain of small improvements across the plant. Our customer in agriculture industry transports corn cobs via a conveyor belt. He was looking for an easy to install and maintain solution to monitor whether material flows on top of their conveyor belt. With this information more control and automation as well as an exchange of information with the upstream and downstream process is possible.

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Online flow measurement of fly ash

Information about the quality of flow condition

Fly ash does have the tendency to create blockages in the cone of the hopper and screw feeder. Our customer was looking for a solution to provide information about the quantity of material flow behind the hopper to control the flow condition. The flow measurement will give online information that provides important conclusions about the quality of the material transport. For example, blockages in the silo cone and in the rotary valve can be detected.

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Moisture measurement of wood chips

Optimal control of the combustion air

In a biomass power plant, the combustion of biomass generates electricity and heat.
The operator of a biofuel plant was looking for a solution that would provide him with information on the moisture content of the biomass (wood chips) before transportation into the combustion chamber in order to optimally adjust the combustion air.

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Material flow monitoring during unloading of silo vehicles

Detection of empty state

During the unloading of limestone powder, silo vehicles are pressurised to the required level using compressed air units controlled by the driver and conveyed to the appropriate silo. Prompt detection of the empty state of the silo vehicle was not possible, therefore, product transfer was often finished too early or unnecessarily long, costing time and excessive use of compressed air. The customer’s aim was to automate the unloading of the silo vehicle and to create a reliable signal when reaching the empty state.

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Cereals moisture measurement with M-Sens 2

Dryer efficiency control

A customer in the Food industry was looking for solutions to improve dryer efficiency and fuel consumption. The drying process is considerably important for the final product quality and material processing. Dryer systems can be placed in different parts of the process, according to specific requirements to comply with recipe specifications.

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Limestone flow measurement with SolidFlow 2.0

Exact measurement of flow rate

At a limestone manufacturing site, limestone is mined in a quarry and afterwards ground and transported to a silo. The material is transported into the silo via a pneumatic line. The quantity of limestone was determined on the basis of the theoretical data provided by the plant operator’s employees, however, the objective was to measure the material flow rate continuously.

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Dust monitoring of PVC dust with AirSafe 2

Avoidance of an explosive atmosphere

At a PVC powder manufacturing site, large bags are filled with powder in the filling plant.
The company’s ATEX guidelines state that DustEx zone 22 is defined in the area of 5 m
around the filling plant. The mixture of PVC powder is ignitable at 60 g/m3 which potentially can occur if a large bag breaks or the material overflows. A sensor was placed near the dust source. The filling plant can thus be permanently monitored and the system is switched off before an ignitable concentration of the material is reached.

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Continuous dust measurement with ProSens

Dust concentration in dryer exhaust air

In a chemical company, dust is measured in the exhaust air of all dryer lines. Previously, measuring
instruments were used for this purpose based on an optical measuring method. The disadvantages of these turbidity measurements are the high purchase price and the continuous maintenance effort to keep the lens dust-free. The company was looking for a maintenance-free, lower purchase price alternative.

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Mass flow measurement for admixture of additives SolidFlow 2.0

Production of plastic granulate

In the production of plastic granulate, it is mixed with various additives for a range of applications.The customer’s objective is to continuously measure the quantity of plastic granulate conveyed in order to optimize the admixture of additives in terms of quantity with this reference variable.

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Mass flow measurement of EPS granules with MaxxFlow HTC

Polystyrene sheets production

In the production of polystyrene sheets the EPS granules (polystyrene granules) are delivered in pressurized containers and is then transported into silos. The filling and removal takes place via a disc conveyor. So far, the quantity was determined by the level measurement in the silo. Our customer was now looking for an optimized quantity measurement.

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Quicklime mass flow measurement MaxxFlow HTC

Replacement of baffle plates in lime plant

In a lime plant in Poland there was a request to measure the amount of extracted lime in free fall after an air slide. Our customer had previously used impact plates, however this solution was not optimal and it always led to problems with mechanical components.

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Monitoring moisture with M-Sens 2

Water injection automation in coffee production

The food industry is in constant revolution when the subject is measurement. During the manufacturing process coffee should be roasted in specific temperature ranges and it is directly connected to the moisture content. Measuring the moisture makes it possible to determine when and how much of water should be injected into the final coffee roaster.

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Mass flow measurement of wheat with SolidFlow 2.0

Measuring the actual consumption of wheat

In a food production plant, wheat is transported from a main silo to smaller production containers for further processing. For monitoring and measuring the actual wheat consumption two SolidFlow 2.0 sensors have been installed

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Moisture monitoring with M-Sens 2

Compliance with optimal process conditions

In the process of manufacturing corks, the cork wood is milled to undergo a series of compression and molding steps. In order to make an useful compaction, one of the most important factors is the cork moisture.

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Velocity measurement with SpeedFlow 2.0-Pipe

Careful material transport

For the production of hygiene products, the required fibre material has to cover long conveying distances. Too fast conveyor speeds cause a high loss of material, because the fibre material turns into dust. This dust development results in less yield at the end of the process as well as damaging the filter systems. Due to this problem, the manufacturer searched for a velocity measurement without material contact to ensure that the specified conveying speeds were not exceeded.

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Dust concentration measurement with ProSens

Processing of dairy products

In the processing of dairy products, the dust-laden exhaust air is extracted by suction and cleaned by industrial filter systems. With increasing abrasion of the filter elements, the dust content in the exhaust air may rise and lead to increased environmental pollution. To comply with the permitted limit values, the ProSens is used for continuous monitoring of clean gas sides after filters.

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Blockage detection by ProGap S

Transportation of minerals

In the extraction or processing of natural stones those stones in different sizes are transported to a first screening by a conveyor belt. The ProGap S is used to detect the dumming of the stones in the discharge chute after the conveyor belt in order to avoid damages of the screen and the conveyor belt.

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Screen break detection with Paddy

Monitoring of ground material in various industries

In many industrial processes control screening and fractionation play an important role. The particle sensor Paddy monitors ground material online and detects a screen break promptly. This increases the process reliability and avoids expensive and time-consuming downtimes.

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Monitoring of silo filling with FlowJam

Material flow monitoring in a mining company

A mining company extracts kaolin and crystal quartz and refines these materials. During the manufacturing process the FlowJam monitors the filling of a silo. With a Flow/No Flow signal the proper function of the feeding conveyor belts and intermediate feeds can be controlled and assured.

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Mass flow measurement in an opencast mine with SolidFlow 2.0

Production of montan wax

In an opencast mine brown coal with a very high content of wax is mined. From this coal raw montan wax is obtained in different process steps. The wax granulate, obtained in spray towers, is measured with the SolidFlow 2.0 in freefall in a downstream pipeline. With the continuously detected material quantity disruptions in the production process can be detected promptly.

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Mass flow measurement in a lime plant with MaxxFlow HTC

Measurement of fine lime after a ball mill

A lime plant produces a wide range of products. Among others lime is ground in a ball mill to fine lime. The mill discharge is removed via screw conveyors and then measured in freefall by the MaxxFlow HTC. The use of the MaxxFlow HTC in different manufacturing processes simplifies the billing of processed material quantities.

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Avoidance of Ex areas with AirSafe

Storage and transportation of brown coal dust

A manufacturer of dry mortar needs dry sand and trass for the production process. These materials are dried in a hot gas heater at a temperature of 500 °C. The brown coal dust, which is used as combustion material, is stored in a silo. In this application the AirSafe monitors the ambient air in the silo housing to detect and avoid the development of an Ex area.

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Broken bag detection with Dusty

Production of food supplements

A manufacturer of food supplements produces tablets with different ingredients mechanically via pressing tools. The pressing tools eventually wear down during production. As the tools wear down there is an increase of dust particles created in the exhaust air of the machines.

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Level monitoring with ProGap

Monitoring of a garbage chute

ProGap monitors the filling level in a garbage chute. For a constant firing process the falling grate of a garbage chute has to be filled constantly. „High“ and „low“ limit values should be detected and alarmed.

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Moisture measurement in container outlets with M-Sens 2

Energy production using biomass

Moisture measurement of ash in a container outlet of a fluidized bed combustion. In this application the M-Sens 2 improves the process- and plant security. The sensor monitors the humidity of ash in a critical process area and helps to avoid system damages in biomass power plants.

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