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Newsletter about dust measurement

Dust monitoring of PVC dust with AirSafe 2

Avoidance of an explosive atmosphere

At a PVC powder manufacturing site, large bags are filled with powder in the filling plant.
The company’s ATEX guidelines state that DustEx zone 22 is defined in the area of 5 m
around the filling plant. The mixture of PVC powder is ignitable at 60 g/m3 which potentially can occur if a large bag breaks or the material overflows. A sensor was placed near the dust source. The filling plant can thus be permanently monitored and the system is switched off before an ignitable concentration of the material is reached.

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Continuous dust measurement with ProSens

Dust concentration in dryer exhaust air

In a chemical company, dust is measured in the exhaust air of all dryer lines. Previously, measuring
instruments were used for this purpose based on an optical measuring method. The disadvantages of these turbidity measurements are the high purchase price and the continuous maintenance effort to keep the lens dust-free. The company was looking for a maintenance-free, lower purchase price alternative.

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Dust concentration measurement with ProSens

Processing of dairy products

In the processing of dairy products, the dust-laden exhaust air is extracted by suction and cleaned by industrial filter systems. With increasing abrasion of the filter elements, the dust content in the exhaust air may rise and lead to increased environmental pollution. To comply with the permitted limit values, the ProSens is used for continuous monitoring of clean gas sides after filters.

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Avoidance of Ex areas with AirSafe

Storage and transportation of brown coal dust

A manufacturer of dry mortar needs dry sand and trass for the production process. These materials are dried in a hot gas heater at a temperature of 500 °C. The brown coal dust, which is used as combustion material, is stored in a silo. In this application the AirSafe monitors the ambient air in the silo housing to detect and avoid the development of an Ex area.

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Broken bag detection with Dusty

Production of food supplements

A manufacturer of food supplements produces tablets with different ingredients mechanically via pressing tools. The pressing tools eventually wear down during production. As the tools wear down there is an increase of dust particles created in the exhaust air of the machines.

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