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Application Newsletter 05/2018

Dust concentration measurement with ProSens

Processing of dairy products


A food manufacturer refines dairy products.The dust-laden exhaust air created during the manufacturing process extracted by suction and cleaned by industrial filter systems.With increasing abrasion of the filter elements, the dust content in the exhaust air may rise and lead to increased environmental pollution.The continuous dust measurement (mg/m³) is even officially regulated for this process. This official regulation is fulfilled by the plant operator with the installation of a calibrateable, electrodynamic measuring device.

Process data

Customer: Food manufacturer (Germany)
Product: Dairy product powder
Permitted limit 20 mg/m³
Installation location: Clean gas side after a dust cyclone
Function: Continuous dust measurement


The ProSens system can be calibrated and monitors clean gas sides after filter elements continuously and reliably for permissible dust concentrations.

The calibration

With the Dosed-Reference-Method developed by ENVEA - SWR engineering, the ProSens can be calibrated quickly and safely at the customer’s plant. For this, only a representative sample of the customer’s filter dust, the specification of the desired limit value with regard to the dust concentration and some process data such as volume flow are required in advance. With this information, a special dosing device can be adjusted in advance, with which the technician then sets the desired dust concentration for the customer to be calibrated as a reference at the customer’s site.


Customer benefits

  • Robust, durable, process-reliable sensor (ProSens)
  • Easy, fast and verifiable calibration (Dosed-Reference-Method)
  • Assured compliance with permitted limit values (mg/m³)