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Application Newsletter 01/2018

Mass flow measurement with SolidFlow 2.0

Production of montan wax


In an opencast mine, brown coal with a very high content of wax is mined. From this coal, raw montan wax is obtained in different process steps. Therefore, the coal is crushed, dried and impinged with an environmentally friendly solvent to separate the wax from the coal. The acquired montan wax is transported into an evaporation system, where it evaporizes in several stages. After that it is transported via pumps to spray towers, where wax balls (wax granulates) are produced. At the outlet of the spray towers the granulate falls through a down-stream sieve into a pipe. Our customer’s aim was to determine the quantity of the obtained material continuously.

Process data

Customer: Romonta, Amsdorf (Deutschland)
Product: Montan wax, granulate
Quantity: 6 t/h
Installation place: Pipe after spray towers
Function: Measurement in freefall after silo


The SolidFlow 2.0 has been specially developed for measuring solid volumes, conveyed through pipelines. It continuously measures a mass flow up to 20 t/h in freefall and pneumatic conveying and has an active roping compensation. In the described application, wax granulate is measured in a pipe in freefall, therefore the quantity of the produced wax granulate can be determined and controlled continuously. Disruptions in the production process can be detected quickly.

Customer benefits

  • simple process control
  • no installations in the material stream
  • high reliability through active rope compensation