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Application Newsletter 7/2019

Mass flow measurement of EPS granules

Polystyrene sheets production - MaxxFlow HTC


In the production of polystyrene sheets the EPS granules (polystyrene granules) are delivered in pressurized containers. The material is then transported into silos with a capacity of 28 tons.
The filling and removal takes place via a disc conveyor.
So far, the quantity was determined by the level measurement in the silo. Our customer was now looking for an optimized quantity measurement with the latest technology.

Process data

Customer: Manufacturer of Styrofoam sheets (Germany)
Material: EPS granules
Quantity: 390 kg/min
Installation: Pipe after disc conveyor
Function: Exact measurement of flow rate


MaxxFlow HTC is a sensor for bulk solids volume measurement. It is used after mechanical conveying elements.
The MaxxFlow HTC sensor can be calibrated and transmits the exact measured data to the control system. It can be mounted in free fall sections or in diagonal lines.
Short installation space required and easy calibration makes the MaxxFlow HTC a highly effective solids flow meter.
Thanks to wear-free construction, the measuring system is practically maintenance-free.

Customer benefits

  • robust, durable, process-safe sensor technology
  • easy and fast calibration
  • accurate monitoring of flow rates
  • no flow obstruction caused by moving parts