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Application Newsletter 4/2019

Mass flow measurement with SolidFlow 2.0

Measuring the actual consumption of wheat


In a food production company in Hongkong, different types of baked goods like bread or biscuits are produced.
In the plant, wheat is transported from a main silo to smaller production containers for further processing.
The material is transported to the rotary valve by means of a pneumatic conveying line (DN 100) into the container.
The objective of our customer was to obtain detailed information about  the material flow in the conveying pipe between the main wheat silo and the smaller production container.

Process data

Customer: Food producer (Hongkong)
Material: Wheat
Quantity: 5 t/h
Installation: Pneumatic conveying line after rotary valve
Function: Measurement of actual wheat consumption


For monitoring and measuring the actual wheat consumption two SolidFlow 2.0 sensors have been installed. The SolidFlow 2.0 continuously measures solid quantities up to 20 t/h in free fall or in pneumatics.
In this application, the sensors are installed directly in the pneumatic conveying line from the main silo to production containers. This allows the quantity to be determined and monitored on-line in the process.
The commissioning of the sensors was carried out at night, in order to avoid failures in the daily business.

Customer benefits

  • Calculation of wheat requirements
  • Daily consumption can be calculated in detail
  • Non-intrusive installation