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Application Newsletter 02/2018

Material flow monitoring with FlowJam

Monitoring of silo filling


A refiner of kaolin and crystal quartz extracts raw materials in an opencast mine. In the quartz sand production process the extracted material is washed and dried. In the next process step the material is milled. With the help of a downstream sieve the required grain size is achieved. After the milling and screening process, the material is transported by conveyor belts and feeds into silos.

To monitor the material conveying, especially the feeds, our customer required a device to detect the material flow at the silo entry. A Flow/No Flow signal, transmitted to the control room, shall help to control the current transport state. Thereby a wrong filling of the silo should be avoided.

Process data

Customer: Mining company (Germany)
Material: Quarz sand
Installation place: Pipe at silo entry
Function: Monitoring of material conveying system


The FlowJam is a microwave detector for contactless monitoring of material flows for „flow“ or „no flow“. In this application it ensures the correct silo filling. The signal, generated by the FlowJam through a relay circuit, is sent to the control room and can be used to initiate a material stop. The FlowJam thus helps to monitor the material transport and the feed positions.

Customer benefits

  • process reliability by monitoring the material stream
  • immediate recognition of misguided material flows
  • increase of quality