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Newsletter about moisture measurement

Monitoring moisture with M-Sens 2

Water injection automation in coffee production

The food industry is in constant revolution when the subject is measurement. During the manufacturing process coffee should be roasted in specific temperature ranges and it is directly connected to the moisture content. Measuring the moisture makes it possible to determine when and how much of water should be injected into the final coffee roaster.

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Moisture monitoring with M-Sens 2

Compliance with optimal process conditions

In the process of manufacturing corks, the cork wood is milled to undergo a series of compression and molding steps. In order to make an useful compaction, one of the most important factors is the cork moisture.

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Moisture measurement in container outlets with M-Sens 2

Energy production using biomass

Moisture measurement of ash in a container outlet of a fluidized bed combustion. In this application the M-Sens 2 improves the process- and plant security. The sensor monitors the humidity of ash in a critical process area and helps to avoid system damages in biomass power plants.

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