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Application Newsletter 03/2019

Moisture monitoring with M-Sens 2

Compliance with optimal process conditions


In the process of manufacturing corks, the cork wood is milled to undergo a series of compression and molding steps. In order to make an useful compaction, one of the most important factors is the cork moisture. If the moisture is outside the recommended range the mass will be poorly formed. With low material moisture the mass is easily undone and in case of high water content more clogs are caused in the process.

Process data

Customer: Producer of cork caps
Product: Cork
Installation: Screw mixer
Function: Moisture monitoring


The M-Sens 2 is a continuous moisture meter based on microwave technology. In the described application M-Sens 2 was used in the mixer to monitor the cork moisture during the mixing process. In case of changes of the moisture content the heat injection in the mixer is changed to ensure an ideal moisture during the mixture. With moisture control, fast action can be taken to prevent non-specified materials from being processed, and consequently avoid time and material losses.

Customer benefits

  • Control of the right moisture content for the cork processing

  • Fast action to comply with optimal process conditions

  • Reduction of downtime and material loss