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Continuous velocity measurement
with SpeedFlow 2.0-Pipe

Careful material transport

For the production of hygiene products, the required fibre material has to cover long conveying distances.
Too fast conveyor speeds cause a high loss of material, because the fibre material turns into dust. This dust development results in less yield at the end of the process as well as damaging the filter systems.
Due to this problem, the manufacturer searched for a velocity measurement without material contact to ensure that the specified conveying speeds were not exceeded.

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mit Dust Alarm 40

Umweltschutz in einer Getreidemühle

In einem Müllereibetrieb wird die zuverlässige Filterbruchüberwachung nach industriellen Staubfilteranlagen zum Umweltschutz eingesetzt. Der Kunde verfügt über keine zentrale Prozessleitstelle, weshalb die Entscheidung auf den Dust Alarm 40 fiel, der jeweils mit einer kleinen Remoteelektronik mit Farbdisplay ausgeliefert wird.

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Dust concentration measurement
with ProSens

Processing of dairy products

In the processing of dairy products, the dust-laden exhaust air is extracted by suction and cleaned by industrial filter systems. With increasing abrasion of the filter elements, the dust content in the exhaust air may rise and lead to increased environmental pollution.
To comply with the permitted limit values, the ProSens is used for continuous monitoring of clean gas sides after filters.

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Blockage detection
by ProGap S

Transportation of minerals

In the extraction or processing of natural stones those stones in different sizes are transported to a first screening by a conveyor belt. The ProGap S is used to detect the dumming of the stones in the discharge chute after the conveyor belt in order to avoid damages of the screen and the conveyor belt.

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Screen break detection
with Paddy

Monitoring of ground material in various industries

In many industrial processes control screening and fractionation play an important role. The particle sensor Paddy monitors ground material online and detects a screen break promptly. This increases the process reliability and avoids expensive and time-consuming downtimes.

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Monitoring of silo filling
with FlowJam

Material flow monitoring in a mining company

A mining company extracts kaolin and crystal quartz and refines these materials. During the manufacturing process the FlowJam monitors the filling of a silo.
With a Flow/No Flow signal the proper function of the feeding conveyor belts and intermediate feeds can be controlled and assured.

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Mass flow measurement
in an opencast mine with SolidFlow 2.0

Production of montan wax

In an opencast mine brown coal with a very high content of wax is mined. From this coal raw montan wax is obtained in different process steps. The wax granulate, obtained in spray towers, is measured with the SolidFlow 2.0 in freefall in a downstream pipeline. With the continuously detected material quantity disruptions in the production process can be detected promptly.

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Mass flow measurement
in a lime plant with MaxxFlow HTC

Measurement of fine lime after a ball mill

A lime plant produces a wide range of products. Among others lime is ground in a ball mill to fine lime. The mill discharge is removed via screw conveyors and then measured in freefall by the MaxxFlow HTC. The use of the MaxxFlow HTC in different manufacturing processes simplifies the billing of processed material quantities.

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Avoidance of Ex areas
with AirSafe

Storage and transportation of brown coal dust

A manufacturer of dry mortar needs dry sand and trass for the production process. These materials are dried in a hot gas heater at a temperature of 500 °C. The brown coal dust, which is used as combustion material, is stored in a silo. In this application the AirSafe monitors the ambient air in the silo housing to detect and avoid the development of an Ex area.

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Emissions monitoring
with QAL 991

Production of boron carbide

A chemical company produces boron carbide. The waste gases, occurring during the production process, have to be monitored according to DIN EN 14181. With quality assurance tests according to the standards EN 14181, EN 13284-2 and EN 15267-3, as well as the TÜV certification concerning to BImSchV 13, 17, 27 and 30, the system QAL 991 can be used in nearly all industrial applications in which dust emissions have to be measured.

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Mass flow measurement
with MaxxFlow HTC

Retrofitting of a cement fill

Application of the MaxxFlow HTC in a cement mill. In this application the
MaxxFlow HTC measures the mill reject flow. Besides the tipical characteristics as for example wear- and maintenance free measurement or simple calibration our customer chose the MaxxFlow HTC in preference to a mechanically operating system for its compact overall height.

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Dusty monitors
quality of pressing tools

Production of food supplements

A food manufacturer produces food supplements in tablet form. Depending on the degree of wear of the pressing tools the dust content in the exhaust air of the automatic press increases. The Dusty monitors this dust content and generates an alarm, if a limit level is exceeded.

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MaxxFlow HTC
replaces baffle plate

Production of fertilizers

Application of the MaxxFlow HTC in the mining industry. Admixture of a product component during the fabrication of fertilizers. In this application the MaxxFlow HTC replaces a baffle plate. The MaxxFlow HTC measures contactless and delivers reliable results even in rough environments.

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Filter damage monitoring
on clean gas side

Dust monitoring in food industry

Dusty application in food industry. Processing of coffee beans. The Dusty monitors the dust level on the clean gas side of a filter system. In case of a damage to the filter hoses used, the Dusty detects an increase of the dust content on the clean gas side and generates an alarm.

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Level monitoring with ProGap

Monitoring of a garbage chute

ProGap monitors the filling level in a garbage chute. For a constant firing process
the falling grate of a garbage chute has to be filled constantly. „High“ and „low“ limit values should be detected and alarmed.

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Material jam detection
with FlowJam Plus

Manufacturing of limestone in a test facility

A test facility simulates the crushing of limestone. The FlowJam Plus detects
material jams between an upstream and a downstream crusher.
After the detection of a material jam the setting of the two crushers can be
changed. Thereby the fineness of the crushed material and the throughput
of the breakers can be adapted.

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Dust monitoring with AirSafe

Building and facility protection in waste incineration plant

Application of the AirSafe in a waste incineration plant.
The AirSafe measures the dust loading in the ambient air of a filterdust storage silo
and its convey lines. The overstepping of limit values causes an alarm in the plant
control room. The AirSafe is low maintenace in comparison with optical systems.
This is a typical AirSafe application in the field of building and plant protection.

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Dust monitoring with ProSens on clean gas side

Exhaust gas cleaning in a pneumatic conveyor system

In this application the ProSens is used below ground. There he monitors the air purity on the clean gas side of storage silos. The ProSens is installed downstream a security filter and helps to comply with limit levels, given by law and to assure safe air quality underground.

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Humidity measurement with
M-Sens 2

Pressing of brown briquettes

Application of the M-Sens 2 in a coal firing plant. The M-Sens 2 is used for the processing of brown coal to coal briquettes. The sensor measures the humidity
of brown coal, before it is transported to a rotary dryer. The M-Sens 2 delivers data
for the dryer control.

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Flow measurement with PicoFlow

Exhaust gas cleaning in waste incineration

PicoFlow application in exhaust gas cleaning of a waste incineration plant.
Continuous flow measurement at low air/solid ratios. In the described application different materials are dosed into the exhaust gas stream to clean it.
By the documentation of material quantities the effectivity of the plant can be increased.

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ProGap monitors limit
and level detection

Mining and processing of gypsum

ProGap application in gypsum mining process. ProGap monitors a sensitive process area where gypsum rock is transported from a conveyor belt into a chute and thereby increases the process security. Beneath limit- and level detection the ProGap is now able to detect filling streams. Thereby a time consuming positioning of transmitter and receiver isn’t necessary anymore.

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Typical M-Sens 2 application
in container outlets

Moisture measurement with M-Sens 2 in biomass power plants

Application with M-Sens 2 in biomass power plant. Moisture measurement of ash
in a container outlet of a fluidized bed combustion. In this application the M-Sens 2 improves the process- and plant security. He monitors the humidity of ash in a critical process area and helps to avoid system damages.

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Cement processing in
cyclon dust heater

Continuous mass flow measurement with MaxxFlow HTC

MaxxFlow HTC application in cement industry. Mass flow measurement of cement dust between an air slide and a bucket elevator. In this case the MaxxFlow HTC replaces a coriolis meter. Compared with the coriolis meter the MaxxFlow HTC has no installations in the flow stream, therefore the material stream is not interruped in case of a defect or a turn off of the measuring device.

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Production of gypsum fibre boards

Level detection with ProGap

ProGap application in building material industry. Production of gypsum fibre boards. Level detection in a storage hopper. In this application the ProGap measures the high level within a storage hopper and enables a fault free process control.

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Filterdamage monitoring
with Dusty Ex

Processing of photoinitiators in chemical industry

Dusty Ex application in chemical industry. Manufacturing and processing of potoinitiators. Filter break monitoring in clean gas channel.
The Dusty is used as an expansion to the "police filter" and complies with environmental requirements to avoid environmental damages and issues.

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Mass flow measurement
with SolidFlow

Exhaust gas cleaning in waste incineration

SolidFlow application in waste incineration plant. SolidFlow measures the amount of hearth furnace coke, which is admixed in the exhaust air cleaning process. The signal, generated by the SolidFlow, regulates the rotational speed of a screw conveyor. Based on the mass flow measurement an under- ore overdosing during the process can be avoided.

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Continuous mass flow measurement with MaxxFlow HTC

Production of drywalls

MaxxFlow HTC application in building industry.
Addition of clay during the production process of drywalls. MaxxFlow HTC replaces
an Impact Flowmeter. With the conventional measurement system the clay caused
contamination and material build ups. The MaxxFlow HTC measures contactlessly.

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Schutz von Produktionsanlagen
Staubmessung mit AirSafe

Typische Anwendung des AirSafe im Bereich Maschinen- und Anlagenschutz

Anwendung des AirSafe in der Baustoffindustrie. Überwachung von Produktionsanlagen und Räumlichkeiten. Bei Leckagen von Rohrleitungen werden agressive Stäube freigesetzt. Um Beschädigungen der Anlage zu vermeiden, detektiert der AirSafe diese Stäube. So können Schäden rechtzeitig festgestellt und die Anlage abgeschaltet werden. Typische Anwendung des AirSafe im Bereich Maschinen- und Anlagenschutz.

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Moisture measurement with M-Sens Sensor selection with Easy-Tester

Operation of a drying plant for sewage sludge in a cement plant

M-Sens 2 application in cement industry. Monitoring and control of a drying plant for sewage sludge. The sewage sludge is used as combustible for the operation of a kiln in which cement is burnt to clinkers. The material has to be dried before it is burnt, to increase its heating value. In this application the Easy-Tester is used for the selection the appropriate sensor.

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Flowmonitoring with SlideControl

Trend control in sack filling machine

SlideControl application in cement production. Cement is filled in sacks by a sack filling machine. SlideControl detects and ensures material flow at the beginning of
a discontinuos line of conveying devices such as screw conveyors, conveyor belts and
a bucket elevator. SlideControl helps to secure material availability at the sack filling machine and to evitate standing- and waiting-times.

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mit FlowJam

Produktion von Putzträgerplatten

Anwendung des FlowJam in der Baustoffindustrie. Produktion von Putzträgerplatten. Zement wird mit Hilfe mehrerer hintereinander geschalteter Schneckenförderer von einem Silo zum Produktionsort transportiert. FlowJam erkennt, ob Material fließt und generiert ein visuelles Signal am Arbeitsplatz, wenn Materialfluss unterbrochen ist. Der Anlagenbetreiber kann reagieren und somit Wartezeiten oder Unterbrüche vermeiden.

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Moisture measurement with M-Sens

Processing waste wood in pellet production

    A manufacturer of wood pellets processes raw material such as planing chips or wood chips (wood waste) to make wood pellets. After delivery of the wood waste, it is cleaned from extraneous material like metal and stones by a separator. Afterwards the material is crushed by a hammer mill and then dried. The crushed material is then transported by a conveyor belt through a 90 °C convection oven.

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    Emergency shutdown with AirSafe

    Filtering starch through a fine screen

      In this application starch is produced in a food manufacturer’s plant before being blown into a silo with a holding capacity of 25 tonnes. The material is then filtered through a fine screen before being transferred to a drying silo in a further processing step.

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      Flowmonitoring with FlowJam

      Production of blaster base sheetings

      FlowJam application in building industry. Production of blaster base sheetings. Cement is transported from a silo to the production place by a chain of screw conveyors. FlowJam detects material flow and generates a visual signal at the production place if the material flow is interrupted. Thereby the operator can prevent weiting time or a shutdown during the production process. 

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      Building and facility protection
      with AirSafe

        Dust monitoring in building materials production

        A producer of building materials manufactures adhesives for floor tiles. In case of
        a leakage in the piping great parts of the production facilities can be polluted and damaged.
        Therefore the AirSafe detects the dust in the ambient air and creates a signal on the base of pre-set limit values.


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