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Dusty C - Compact sensor for filter damage monitoring

Dusty C is a compact sensor for filter monitoring

  • Detects all dust types
  • Can be used in all purge gas and dust ducts
  • Immediate detection of filter damages
  • Simple commissioning (Plug & Play)
  • Prevention of process-induced dust Ex zones
  • Individual choice of alarm threshold
  • Rapid and easy retrofitting
  • 4 ... 20 mA output at sensor


The Dusty C has been specially developed to monitor treated sides after filters reliably and without time delay for filter breaks.
It can be used in metallic ducts in which dust particles are to be detected in the gas flow. Its area of application begins at dust levels of 0.1 mg/m3.
The Dusty C can be used in Ex zones (Dust zone 22 /Gas zone 2).
Thanks to its speed and reliability, the Dusty C can also be used optimally as an alternative and/or extension to the "police filter",
as well as an alternative to differential pressure measurement.


The Dusty C works on the basis of the electrodynamic principle. A charge transfer occurs as soon as particles flow past the measuring probe.
A measuring signal is generated from this, which triggers a switching contact as soon as a limit value is reached.

The Dusty C is a compact device that works with a 24 V DC power supply. The device is supplied precalibrated. The switching point is around
25 mg/m3 dust*.
At the current output this value corresponds to an output signal of 12 mA.

The sensor provides the user with the option of defining the alarm thresholds himself. This can be done in a range between approx. 5 mg/m3 and approx. 150 mg/m3.
The corresponding switching stage can be changed in approx. 5 mg increments simply by pressing a button.

* Precalibration is carried out on SWR's in-house test bench with organic dust under the following conditions:
Duct diameter = 250 mm
Air velocity = 14 m/s
Temperature = 25 °C


Application examples

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