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Leak Alert 73 - Compact sensor for dust measurement

Leak Alert 73 is a compact sensor for electrodynamic filter damage and leakage monitoring in industrial filter systems

  • 3 status-LEDs
  • internal display and internal set up keys for service purposes
  • flue-gas temperature up to 250 °C (400 °C option)
  • for applications up to 95 %, non-condensing,
    relative humidity (with optional insulated rod)
  • compact sensor with isolated 4 ... 20 mA-output
  • for aggressive flue-gas (with optional insulated rod)



Leak Alert 73 is used in an industrial environment in order to carry out continuous trend measurement on clear gas sides after dust filters. Of course, the Leak Alert 73 can also be used for pure filter break detection. With the option of calibrating the device and providing a real volume signal (mg/m³), this compact system can in principle cover all measurement tasks, which do not have to meet official requirements.

Leak Alert 73 is used for:

  • Trendmonitoring (4 … 20 mA)
  • Quantity measurement of dust (mg/m³)


Leak Alert 73 uses the electrodynamic measurement principle. If the dust to be measured is constant, then the generated measuring signal is proportional to the dust concentration, even if there are dust deposits on the measuring probe. Experience shows that the measuring method provides very exact results with little required maintenance.

A complete measuring system consists of these components:

  • Welded casing to serve as a sensor receptacle
  • Leak Alert 73-sensor

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