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Nico 120 - Radar sensor for continuous level measurement of bulk materials - 80 GHz All-round sensor

  • continuous measurement
  • also under difficult process conditions
  • can be used on a wide range of different materials
  • for level measurement in vessels up to 120 m height


The Nico 120 radar sensors has been designed to continuously measure the level of materials in storage vessels under difficult process conditions.It can be used on a wide range of different materials having varying particle sizes and compositions. The measurement is unaffected by dusty atmospheres, obstructions or temperature variations.

The Nico 120 measuring range is 120 metres.

The good signal focus ensures that vessel fittings and encrustations on the walls does not affect the measurement.


Extremely short microwave pulses are transmitted via the antenna system, to the material to be measured, the pulses are reflected by the surface of the material, and received back to the antenna system.
The time taken between the transmission of the pulses and receiving the pulses,
is proportional to the level in the vessel.
Thanks to the very good signal focussing a simple setup and reliable measurement is ensured.
Because the pulses are travelling so fast, and difficult to process, a procedure is adopted to allow for the processing of the pulses. The pulses are transmitted in the K-band frequency range, where its usage is time proven.
The transmitted power is well below the IEC specifications. There is no need to calibrate the vessel whether empty or full.

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