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PicoFlow - Continuous flow measurement at low solid/air ratios

Measuring powder flows in transport lines with very low material concentrations.

  • In pneumatic applications for material flow rates of up to 100 kg/h
    (depending on application)
  • In free-fall with a drop speed of at least 2 m/s (approx. 25 cm drop height)
  • In cases where dust measuring instruments cannot cope and flow rate measuring instruments are overspecified


PicoFlow was specially developed for measuring powder flows in transport lines with very low material concentrations.

PicoFlow is particularly good in pneumatic applications but will also work reliably in free-fall applications with drop speeds of at least 2 m/s.

The measuring system delivers absolute measurements (after calibration) in g/h or kg/h.

A special air purging system is also available as an option.
This is used for materials which tend to bake onto surfaces.


The measuring principle of the PicoFlow is based on the electrodynamic measuring effect.
A ceramic coating on the very short antenna prevents sensor wear.
Specially developed hardware and software allows the measurements to be linearised.


Mounting and Installation

The PicoFlow can be installed in metallic ducts and pipelines.

It should be installed as far as possible away from curves and other fittings such as valves and slides.The distance between the sensor rod and fittings in the duct should be at least three times the duct diameter in every flow direction.

Non-metallic ducts must be cased with a metal sleeve, a metal foil or a tight-mesh metal grille over a length of at least five times the duct diameter.
After deciding the installation location, drill a hole in the duct wall where the supplied weld-on socket can be welded perpendicular to the pipe. Then screw the sensor rod into the socket using the screw-in thread.

Technical Data

Application examples

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