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Paddy - Particle Size Monitoring

The Paddy is a particle sensor for online monitoring of grain size distribution in solids flows.
Changes to finer or coarser grain sizes are detected via  4 ...
20 mA trend output.

  • monitoring during pneumatic transport or in free fall
  • works with the latest microwave technology in combination with an intelligent evaluation software
  • for monitoring grinding or screening plants
  • trend via 4 ... 20 mA output
  • no bypass and no partial flow sampling


The Paddy measuring system is used in all processes where solids are ground and screened . During pneumatic transport or in free fall, the Paddy detects a change in particle size distribution and outputs this via a 4 ... 20 mA signal.


The patented measuring method consists of two microwave sensors which evaluate the frequency spectrum of the microwave signal reflected by the solids flow. Due to the installation in a Venturi (with pneumatic transport) or after baffles (with free fall transport), the frequency shifts and their frequency indicate the increase or decrease of finer or coarser grain sizes.

Mounting and Installation

At the selected installation site two sensor sockets are welded at the required distance. Thereafter, a 20 mm borehole is drilled through sensor socket and through the tube wall. The sensor will be adapted to the wall thickness, inserted and fixed with the help of the union nut.

Technical Data

Application examples

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