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M-Sens 3 - Online moisture and process temperature measurement with flow detection

The microwave sensor for continuous moisture and process temperature measurement including flow detection for solids.
Simple retrofitting for measurement in container outlets, conveyor screws, on conveyor belts, slides etc.

  • Moisture ranges 0 ... 65 % (depending on material)
  • Measurement accuracy 0.1 %
  • Online moisture measurement
  • Instant and accurate process/material temperature measurement from 0 °C to 80 °C
  • Flow detection alarm
  • Independent of the material colour
  • Temperature-resistant up to 120 °C
  • ATEX-certified
  • Recording of surface moisture and capillary moisture


M-Sens 3 is especially designed for continuous moisture measurement of solids during batching. This includes as well discontinuous measurement. It also provides you an instant and accurate temperature measurement of the material/process. The Flow Detection function increases the validity of the measurements.
M-Sens 3 is used for online moisture measurement of:

  • all types of dust, powder, granulates and other bulk solids
  • in different mounting positions

M-Sens 3 is characterized by its uncomplicated installation as well as by its simple calibration. Due to its hygrostability and its resistance to mechanical shocks and abrasion the entire sensor is very fail-safe and allows a long service life. The sensor window is protected by a ceramic disc being very resilient with regard to abrasion and pressure.


The M-Sens 3 sensor functionality is based on precise high-frequency measurement and direct digitalization of measured values, where from results a high resolution.
As the materials surface and capillary moisture influences strongly its specific conductive capacity, the moisture can be measured exactly by a constant averaged bulk density.
The calibration can be done very simply by the operator by pressing the button and entering the referenced moisture contents. In this context it is convenient that measured value fluctuations by bulk density variations are balanced by an internal filter function. Additionally, measured value fluctuations by temperature variations are compensated automatically by the sensor.
The temperature measurement is calibrated in factory, and doesn’t need any additional operation from use.
The Flow Detection function is able to provide you an alarm in case of caking in front of sensor and therefor increase the validity of the measurements.

Mounting and Installation

Flexible positioning
The M-Sens 3 was developed to offer maximum flexibility during assembly. The following aspects should be taken into account in the positioning of the probe: The measuring field penetrates the densest materials (e. g. sand). With a minimum depth of 120 mm, the probe should always be directed at the material to avoid reflection problems. 

Installation situations

For a simple installation, a standard connection flange is available. 

Conveyor belt
Measurement of material moisture on a conveyor belt.
A constant material height is generated by attaching a material skimmer. This offers ideal conditions for an online measurement.
The installation in the lower third of a conveyor screw has the advantage that the material volume that passes over the sensor is almost constant, allowing for an optimal measurement. The movement of the auger flights is hidden.

Free fall pipe
To be able to measure in free fall pipes or inclined pipes (chutes) with the M-Sens 3, it is possible to gather material in front of the probe in the short term, for the duration the measurement, with a catching mechanism. After the measurement, the flap will open again and allows the gathered material to continue to drop. The measuring process can be permanently repeated in short or long intervals according to requirements.    

Technical Data

Application examples

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